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Due to the Coronavirus, the March 24 City Council meeting was held without audience members present in Council Chambers – however members of the public were able to remotely phone-in and voice their opinions during the four “public comment” portions of the meeting.  Also, the Councilpersons and City officials who were present during the March 24 meeting exercised proper social distancing at all times. We feel that the meeting went well overall even though there were some challenges; however, we are striving to make improvements to any future meetings that require similar restrictions. The measures that are being taken during City Council meetings are temporary and for everyone’s safety; and we look forward to returning to our regular public meetings and seeing all of you in person in the future.

At the start of the March 24 meeting, Mayor Desiderio announced that he participated in a conference call on Sunday with the Governor’s Office, during which the Governor’s latest executive orders were reviewed. The Mayor also outlined the types of businesses that are currently permitted to stay open, he reminded everyone that our City government remains operational, he announced that gatherings of people at parties and other social events are cancelled per the Governor’s executive order, and he reminded us all to follow the stay at home orders and obey guidelines for good hygiene and social distancing.

Following the Mayor’s comments, Business Administrator George Savastano announced that the Army Corps of Engineers has informed the City that this year’s Beach Replenishment Project will not begin until Mid-June.

Also on March 24, Ordinance 1651 was introduced with first reading. This ordinance, which was written to authorize the use of capital surplus for the purchase of various items, will have second reading and public hearing on April 14.

Ordinance 1650 had second reading and was adopted on March 24.  This routine ordinance was written in conjunction with our Municipal Budget and serves as a mechanism to allow the City to roll-over unused CAP money for potential use in future years.

The members of City Council also adopted Sea Isle City’s 2020 Local Municipal Budget by approving Resolution 031-A during the March 24 meeting. The 2020 Municipal Budget has no tax increase.

Additionally, each of the resolutions on the March 24 Consent Agenda was approved, including…

•    Resolution 048, which approved a Flood Insurance Outreach Initiative with the New Jersey Coastal Coalition.

•    Resolution 050, which authorized the award of a contract in the amount of $975,550 to E.Z. Docks Unlimited, of Belford, NJ, for the construction of Sea Isle City’s future Fishing Pier & Kayak Launch at Dealy Field.  Please note, the award of this contract is contingent on the approval of this project by the Army Corps of Engineers.

•    Resolution 051, which authorized the approval of a raffle hosted by the Yacht Club of Sea Isle City.

•    Resolution 052, which authorized the approval of a raffle hosted by the Sea Isle City Women’s Civic Club.

•    Resolution 053, which authorized participation in a National Co-Op and authorized the sale of a Volvo Front-end Loader on Gov-Deals.

Our next City Council meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 14.  More information about that meeting will be forthcoming.

Best Regards from the Members of City Council, 

Council President J.B. Feeley
Frank Edwardi 
Jack Gibson
Bill Kehner
Mary Tighe

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